This is to introduce myself to interested readers.

I am Jack Heneghan.

I live in Colorado Springs.

I have a blog named Exempli Gratia.

I work for the company formerly known as WorldCom, as an engineer.

I have an interest in satellite TV, with an 8′ dish, C-band and Ku-band receivers, 4DTV and MPEG/DVB decoders and a 50″ Samsung DLP HDTV. I used to have an OTA HDTV receiver but it stopped working recently and since Colorado Springs doesn’t have many HD broadcasts it doesn’t seem worth fixing it at present. It’s part of the MPEG/DVB receiver and the satellite HD displays fine so why tempt fate.

I have a horse named Rags who has retired and is living in the back yard. We both went lame at the same time several years ago and by the time I was recovered he wasn’t ridable anymore. So, we let him enjoy the great outdoors. Rags is a fine-looking Appaloosa (some say that is an oxymoron) and was a great trail horse.

Listening To:

I added a comment field in my blog to note what I am listening to as I am writing up comments. I got this idea after ripping almost 400 Cd’s to an iRiver player. I ripped them as ogg files but it does play MP3 files as well. It’s in IH140 with a 40 GB drive in it. And I only have it half full. So I am listening to it quite a bit with a headset and I never know what songs are coming up next since it is on shuffle. With 3700 songs I have no idea what’s coming up next.

Why Exempli Gratia

Main Entry: ex·em·pli gra·tia
Pronunciation: ig-"zem-(")plE-'grä-tE-"ä, -'grA-sh(E-)&
Function: adverb
Etymology: Latin
: for example
ex·em·pli gra·ti·a
( literary )
Full form of  e.g.
[Mid-17th century. From Latin, literally “for example’s sake.”]

Elaine suggested that I start Blogging and I was trying to think of a title. At the time I was also exploring Latin phrases, wondering exactly what “e.g.” and “i.e.” meant and how they were different. When I saw the “e.g.” was Exempli Gratia, I knew I had found a blog title. So, I did a quick google and could only find Exempli Gratia in English discussions. I had my title, unless there is another one out there that wasn’t very visited and so didn’t have a Google mention. I was rather lax for the first year, with only a few postings starting in 2003. So, I expect I didn’t have a lot of hits on my pages. I recently Googled on Exempli Gratia and found two other blogs out there, both of which seemed to have sprung up recently. Anyway, I had thought that I would be using examples in my comments but I found that didn’t really work out.

And what is the difference between e.g. and i.e.? E.g. lists specific examples to emphasis a point and i.e. (id Est) paraphrases the preceding comment.

For Example: They were looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, e.g. Nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, grape kool-aid.

They were looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, i.e. the big kahunas, the fragments of a demented imagination.

Other Interests

I am interested in Travel and Photography and Golf and Science Fiction. Here is a Link to a trip Elaine and I took to Australia, with Photos!, to attend the World Science Fiction Convention in 1999. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any Golf in on that trip.

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