After the Firestorm

I was watching the briefing at a friend’s house Tuesday afternoon when the immediate evacuation of the northwest quadrant was announced.  I stepped out a little while later and took this photo.  The day turned to night under the black plume.

My friend and I finished evacuating our horses to her place late last night. I moved some photos and other stuff at the same time.  My mother and her cat is with us now.  Her place is far too close to the toxic smoke: just across the freeway.  We are preparing to be evacuated, but as of right now, we are not under any pre-evacuation, voluntary evacuation, or mandatory evacuation orders. We are in the next neighborhood north of the Air Force Academy, which evacuated most of their personnel yesterday evening.


5 thoughts on “After the Firestorm”

  1. This is a very scary photo and to think you are so close to this fire. I’m glad your horses are out safe and sound and hope you don’t have to evacuate.

  2. Glad the horses are safe. Hope you don’t have to evacuate. Thinking of you and your family and others affected by the fire.

  3. What good news that you moved the horses …. it looked as tho your area was under an evacuation notice last night.
    My folks also live on the other side of the freeway but they may head south to get out of the smoke (my mom has asthma).
    I came really close to buying along hwy 24 13 yrs ago. Just about the time the place would be paid off…

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