Waldo Canyon Fire – Monday

The shot I took on Saturday was misnamed:  it was actually the Waldo Canyon Fire and it took the various agencies concerned a few hours to get the names of this fire sorted out.   Looking south this morning, when it was pleasant with no smell of smoke, I took this next photo.  I believe the reddish cast to the hills is the alpenglow.

Looking south this evening when it was  hot but still no strong smell of smoke, I took this photo:

(I’ve zoomed in less with this one, but it is the identical direction of the one above.) The plume curls up much higher and curves away to the northeast of our house. The fire is now 5% contained, and is the number one fire fighting priority in the country.  We could just have soon done without the honor. We are the next valley north of the Air Force Academy, for locals who may wonder where I took these shots.