Pyrocumulus – Pyramid Mountain Fire

I took this photo from the open door to my garage.  Just saw the first mention on this fire on Twitter and it looks like it just exploded.  It is an extremely rugged area and is probably in a canyon that is acting as a fireplace.  It is close to the major road into the mountains here.  They’ve already posted mandatory evacuations for one community.  I am listening via Internet radio to the authorities deciding where to establish their command post right now.

This is very bad news.

One thought on “Pyrocumulus – Pyramid Mountain Fire”

  1. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Lily was so very lucky to have your love. tears just welled up in my eyes reading that…esp. having my Nugget by my side. Our fur babies are so much our family. I immediately was thinking of you with this current fire. 🙁 way too close. I’m on the other side of Powers in the Springs, but …it’s just scary. Take care.-Paula

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