Stab Stitch Binding Ideas

The stab stitch, or edge stitch binding, is a traditional Japanese binding that can be used to make lovely albums and journals. The follow list was compiled by the members of the SARA-L list. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to subscribe.

  1. Gratitude journal [Kathy Ward/Devon Rawson].
  2. Birding journal [Devon Rawson]
  3. Wine journal (use spacers in the hinge if you are going to incorporate wine bottle labels) [Devon Rawson]
  4. Birthday/anniversary book [Devon Rawson]
  5. Dinner Party Journal (I made one for a friend who loved to host elaborate dinner parties. She kept a little file box crammed with index cards noting who was invited, the menu, the wine served, the china she used, the flowers, you get it. She loved it) [Devon Rawson]
  6. Garden Journal (the one I made for my MIL was to keep track of the seasonal life and times of her hundreds of daylilies and hostas) [Devon Rawson]
  7. Gift: Card reminder file. Bind twelve Tyvek envelopes together, and use to keep track of what cards should be sent what months. [Elaine Normandy]
  8. Gift: To new parents, a book of twelve envelopes, so they can keep track of photos and scrapbooking item’s for the child’s first year.[Elaine Normandy]
  9. Gift: A mini memory book, with photos from a particular party or event [Elaine Normandy]
  10. Diary: might want to write pages first, and bind after pages are written [Elaine Normandy]
  11. Gift: a book containing a friend’s favorite poems, songs, or quotes [Elaine Normandy]
  12. Gift: for someone moving or retiring, have each contributor write a page, and then combine and bind for presentation. [Elaine Normandy]
  13. Well, my idea is to do some b/w photocopy transfers onto some hot-pressed water color paper, and tinting them with chalks, or whatever, and then binding. This is inspired by some vintage postcard albums I’ve acquired recently, but could be done with family photos, or anything else. I’m hoping to do this with some small photo/prints of Paris, circa 1937. Was originally planning an accordian format, but think I’ll try the stab binding. [Suzanne De’Nile]
  14. Assemble pages on ring, post or other temporary binding, then for presentation, re-trim edge and use stab binding. [DK Stoneman]
  15. A postcard album of a vacation. [Carle Lee Dembeck]
  16. You can make a personalized book of “coupons”. [Carle Lee Dembeck]
  17. A journal when you are building a new house! It’s a wonderful keepsake. [Betty Jones]

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