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Out of Ambit is the weblog of Diane Duane, one of my favorite authors. Here is a description of her soon to be released novel, Stealing the Elf-King's Roses .

Last night, I moved my sewing machines, notions, books, patterns and fabric into one of the newly refurbished rooms downstairs. I haven't really had a usable sewing room since I started rubber stamping, but I find I have a hankering to try and see if I still remember how to sew. I was looking at this site by designer Lois Erickson,
and realized that somewhere in that mass of stuff I have one or two of her patterns.

Rags, taken several years ago.


I've had an interesting week, taking care of thirteen horses at my trainer's barn, and her three dogs and two cats at the same time. All the horses stayed healthy, bless their little souls, and I only had occasional troubles with one of the dogs, her Jack Russell terrier. Any one interested in this breed ought to take care of one for a week before bringing home the cute little puppy. As they say on the website: "I am not Wishbone."

Yesterday, I found out the hard way how prickly pear gets its name. Hint: it isn't from the obvious spikes. Fortunately, I had some tweezers handy and managed to get most of the prickles, called glochids, out of my hands.


For my birthday, I received a pair of Laurel Burch socks with horses on them. I couldn't find a website for her, but I did find this online retail stores that claims to have the most Laurel Burch items available.

My favorite lip balm has a site. I was running low (not least because a dog chewed one of my little white jars) and bought the generic equivalent. It was Not The Same Thing. I especially loved the myths about Carmex. Ever since I moved to Colorado with its exceptionally dry climate, I try to never be out of reach of this product.


The Top10 Ways to Get Unstuck When You Need to Write Another list at the same site.


The advantages of strength training for women. I did a lot of lifting yesterday, and am continually amazed at how much easier it is since I started my strength training routine last Spring.

Creativity Web: Resources for Creativity and Innovation .


The site for Jim Stephan's rubber stamps has been improved, and there is now an online catalog.

The Annotated Pratchett file.

Inspired to Journal has a variety of journaling resources.

The Packrat's Hard Disk has an eclectic collection of the fun and useful .

Dudley killed a skunk last night, and spent the night in the mudroom. Fortunately, I still have the recipe for an odor neutralizer that I found on the Internet several years ago:

1 qt 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon liquid soap

The recipe at this page is slightly different.

It wasn't too bad, though I got incredibly wet, and realized half way through that I should have waited to take my shower until after I bathed Dudley. He was reasonably cooperative, and the solution seems to have done its job, though I won't know for sure until he finishes drying. And my nose recovers.


Last show of the season. Hap and the young woman who leases him did very well. This photo, from our ancient digital camera, shows Hap on course.

Diamond Mine is an online version of a game that I play on my Palm called Bejeweled.


Star Logo , a Logo program from MIT written in Java.

Last night, I drove home in the rain. Because of the drought, I hadn't driven in rain for a long time. I didn't have any trouble, but I saw at least one accident. It doesn't bode well for the first snow of the winter. The taller mountains adjacent to Pike's Peak were snow-capped this morning, but I couldn't see the Peak due to the clouds.

I saw a muledeer doe and her youngster in our valley as I drove to work this morning. Both looked sleek, so I presume there is still adequate forage, despite the lack of rain.

Artist Journal pages from a web designer. Her site also has some hand bound journals made from thrift store finds.

Stampendous Rubber Stamps has stamp art samples along with directions.

Elephant cam from The ElephantSanctuary , an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.


A daily writing prompt from

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Earth Rise.
Also from NASA: AstronomyPicture
of the Day

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How To
apparently lives up to its name.

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Rubber Baby
a rubber stamp company with a huge online
catalog. In addition to a large selection of scenic and comic
stamps, they have some stamps to be used with journals in the form
of plates of rubber.

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Graphic Goo is
an online newsletter for web graphic designers.

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has goodwillware for websites.

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A well-designed site with Paint Shop
Pro tutorials.

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to create a pencil sketch from a photo in Paint Shop

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Janis Ian's2001
Worldcom report.
Jack saw her briefly at the 2002 Worldcon on
San Jose.

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Fifteen ideas for
writing poems at PoetryExpress.

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tn_jackhoh.jpg Miscellaneous photos of Jack, the neigborhood fire, and a
few horses.


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tn_lodyhill.jpg Photos of Lody , our Smooth Collie.


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This article ondata
has some proposed solutions as well as a description
of the problem. Data extinction is one of the reasons that I keep
all my important files in ascii text files. At least I can easily
migrate them onto new media when the old becomes obsolete.

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which reports closing of Air Force Academy on Tuesday.

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Stampin' Art
has a nice gallery, and a library of techniques.

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I carefully avoided the radio and television Wednesday, so I
would not spend the day weeping, then really regretted that I don't
have Kleenex in my cube when I read this article by
Dave Barry.

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tn_housevalley.jpg This photo of our
house, barns, and pastures was taken in June 1999, in a much
greener year than this one, where we have suffered so severely from
drought. This photo was taken from the hill to the north of our


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Outside of aDog,
a weblog about books by someone who seems to have similar tastes to

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I used to play Awari as a
kid. This version even works under Opera!

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Another way to use google:
to find

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Coming up on a year
by Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

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This article
from ScienceNews
gives yet more support to the idea of getting a good night's

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This site, A
has some interesting items (look at the class
demos) and an unusual navigation systems.

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A webpage
describing submission information for various rubber stamping

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I saw a male bluebird this morning (in fact, I think I saw some
females/juveniles as well.) I wasn't even sure we had bluebirds in
Colorado, so I went hunting and found this website

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on making a stamped, refridgerator magnet.

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Wikipedia is a a
collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from
Anyone can update the content.

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I've never been to Western
Museumof Mining and Industry
, a local museum. After seeing how
much there is to see there, I have put it on my long list of things
to do.

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This neat program allows you to build a cityscape.
Unfortuntely, it only seems to work with Internet Explorer.

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on a high-fat diet versus a low-fat diet.

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I don't know why it didn't occur to me to Google Coloradoweblogs
before this.

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Haiku , delivered daily.

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is not a fluid. There are some other useful articles at

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Transcripts of
Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero

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Rubber stamp and related art links with artitude.

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has a selection of alien and fantasy art rubber

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YankeeClipper is
a freeware Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third
generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size.
Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of

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Do we need to stretch
before exercising?

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