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Coffee and Oranges 2002-08


A review of the Paladin, one of my favorite all-time books and comfort reads. Here is another review.


Stamp Til YouDrop has techniques, tips and samples.

Exhibition at National Gallery of Art about The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt.


Debby's Things has some good online tutorials of stamping technique.

Full Moon DreamsTarot is a lovely tarot deck of traditional, paper and glue collage.


Did you know: You Are Where You Live . Find out how the marketers view your area.

A friend asked me yesterday if I knew how much the "B" stamp was worth. On the theory that you can find almost anything on the Internet, I found this chart.

A site, PhraseFinder, devoted to phrases, sayings, quotes and cliches .

Will thinning help reduce catastrophic wild fires?

A A Dog's Life is a weblog by a Borzoi fancier.

Quiet Fire Design: calligraphic and journaling rubber stamps, hand bound books, and classes. I would love to take this class.


Zum Gali Gali is a small rubber stamp company with some interesting images, including a variety of scenic, Jewish and animal images.

Stampers Anonymous is one of my favorite stamp companies.

This webcam shows Pikes Peak. Some photos from the same site show how beautiful this area can be.

The USA Today WebGuide.

Topics for web-loggers and on-line journal writers.


Pigeon Fever is epidemic in Colorado right now. Four horses at my trainer's barn have it. Every morning, when I feed Smoke and Rags, I poke at their chests to see if they have developed it.

Sisters on Sojourn has journal related rubber stamps, journaling tips, and travel tips.


Hap, my seventeen year old Thoroughbred, at a schooling show.

Last night, I took a class from Kevin Nakagawa, owner and artist of Stampscapes . In class, Kevin mentioned that he had not loaded his most recent set of
images on his website pending a total overhaul of that website. These images can be seen at Tyra Smith's website. Tyra's home page, which leads to a lot of excellent stamped artwork, tutorials, and tips, can be found here. My samples from class.


Blackmask Online has a variety of e-texts, including E. Nesbit's "Enchanted Castle," one of my favorite books as a child.

The Hero Arts website demonstrates how to use their rubber stamps, and includes several PDF files available for download and printing.


In praise of garlic, with a little history and a few recipes. Some more history.

Good Stamps StampGood is another vintage company.


A List Apart : for people who make websites .

Rubbermonger provides a selection of its mounted stamps on-line.


A folded book from a site with other paper craft projects.

A great list of links to bookmaking sites.

Colorado wildfires
continue to be a problem.

I liked the classification of activities into three types in this entry of Thistledown, an on-line journal.

Meer Image has a variety of mounted and unmounted images, including some lovely nude and interesting background and texture stamps.


Stamp Out Cute has a variety of images, both mounted and unmounted.


100 Proof Press has over 3000 images, and has been in business since 1980.


Arts and Letters Daily is a weblog covering the humanities.

Since I have four of the real thing, I no longer crave My Little Pony. These Gothic
My Little Ponies
on the other hand....

Saddlepad that Lily seems to like a lot. (I borrowed it from a friend, and am now contemplating purchasing it.) Poor Lily: she seems to think she
is the Princess in a world full of peas, also known as saddles.

Not too surprisingly, West Nile virus has reached Colorado. I am glad that I had my horses vaccinated, even though the efficacy of the vaccine is in doubt. It
seemed a bit of a long shot when my vets started talking it up in Spring, but after researching mortality rates back East, I decided to go ahead with it.

My young horse, Lily, at a schooling show last month.


A well-designed stamped art gallery with gorgeous samples.

2002-08-14 has tutorials on how to use Perfect Pearls.

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Stamptalk This is
where many of the 2300 plus members of our email list share their
talents, tips and ideas.

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is a list of priceless freeware for Windows

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Ports of Unixutilities
for Windows.

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A journalist/fire fighter
about his experiences at the Hayman fire, which burned
to within ten miles of my house this summer.

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Dartmouth Medical School News article
discusses how much water
a person should drink during the day.

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has Sheer Heaven (a vellum-like material), some quirky symbol and
petroglyph rubber stamp images, and an online art 'zine.

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The Creative Zone
has cool artist book information as well as paper craft kits.

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Joan Wear Rubber
is a source of scenic image grab bags.
Unfortunately, the site takes forever to load due to the bounty of
rubber stamped scenes on the front page.

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has a large variety of scenic stamps, and a great art
gallery. MissyHatalsky
has some great samples showing what can be done with these images,
though unfortunately the page takes a while to load.

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Ma Vinci's reliquary has cool
rubber stamp alphabets, a gallery of artwork using her stamps, and
other cool stuff.

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A series of art
journal pages from Aisling.

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I was surprised when Writer's Digest came out with the magazine
several years ago. I doubted there was
enough interest, considering how few people I know who keep
journals aside from the ones I have met via the Internet.

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Eatonweb Portal , a
guide to online weblogs.

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has plates of rubber stamps with an alternative art feel, mounting
supplies, and a rubber stamp art gallery.

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This site belongs
to my favorite journal writing author, Kay Adams. Her book, Journal
to the Self, started me on a journal writing habit that hasn't quit
in the past twelve years.

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Xenu is
a free program for find broken links on a website.

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Turtle Press is a small
rubber stamp company with a fabulous store in Ballard, Washington.
This company publishes a zine devoted to book arts.

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Cherry Pie ,
formerly an Italian rubber stamp company, has relocated to Florida.
I have been admiring their images for years in Rubberstampmadness , the
magazine devoted to art rubber stamping.

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The fossil site
mentioned in the first part of the article is about twenty miles
from my house.

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The StoryCircle is a
national not-for-profit organization made up of women who want to
explore their lives and their souls through life-writing--writing
that focuses on our personal experience, through memoirs and
autobiographies, in diaries and journals, in personal essays, in

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Cloud 9 has a
compendium of rubber stamping techniques with tutorials and art by
Tyra Smith

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are postage stamps made by an artists. They are used as artwork in
and of themselves, and can be used to decorate envelopes, although
not as legal postage. Suite 101 also has a site devoted to rubberstamping.

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The Modern Gypsy has
art journal pages, a section called the Illuminated Letter, altered
books, and some other cool things.

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Stampscapes is one of
my favorite rubber stamp companies. You can find a few samples of
my work in the gallery there.

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The ThebanMapping
is a gorgeous site about the Valley of the Kings in

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I love the name, Not Martha , of
this weblog which mentions crafts. I found link to this site at Scrap Pile which is also
devoted to crafts.

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This article from Woman's Day features
Trading Spaces
. This show baffles me because I can't imagine
giving someone else carte blanche to change the decor of a room in
my house. The results can be fun to watch, though.

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Cricklers is a game written
in flash that updates the traditional crossword puzzle.

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