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Coffee and Oranges 2002-07

Items that have been struck through no longer work.  I am actually amazed how much that I found from nine years ago that still exists.


Sunday Morning , a poem by Wallace Stevens, with a gloss for some of the terms.


A free HTML validator that checks for conformation to W3C recommendations.

Members of Random Acts of Journaling have a set of prompts to work on each month. The prompts will be photos, digital art, quotes, lyrics, passages from books, maybe an entry from another journaler or a directed question or two. Art and Stamping has a master swap list, Cheapskates Anonymous, Stamping 101, and Best Tips.


Poem of the Day

This letter boxing site has a link to my eraser carving tutorial .

Red Castle sells plates of unmounted rubber, and has a variety of software programs (including some freeware) for a variety of rubber stamping related projects.


Palm Addict is a web log devoted to the Palm hand held.

Olive Wimple is an angel company that sells unmounted plates of Art Nouveau (and other) images.)


Faux painted floor from the Do It Yourself network.


Mirkwood Designs has an amazing number of template designs to be used with rubber stamping and other crafts.

MIT provides Shakespeare's plays.

Catherine deCuir used to be the guide to journals. Now she has some of her articles at her site.

Pomegranate Communications sells everyday art: calendars and cards and ....


Footnotes is "an ongoing tale of romance, recovery, and uncomfortable shoes..."

Martha Wells has an excerpt of The Wizard Hunter which will, unfortunately, not be published until July 2003.

I find it hard to believe that people are still being careless with fire.

Browser Safe Color chart gives values for a variety of colors.

Harvard World Health News is a health news web log.

Dragonhome's Place has an amazing amount of information about where to find stamping information on the World Wide Web.


Getting Things Done is the website for the book by David Allen. I use this system.

MicroContent News has what looks like a good breakdown of various blog packages.