The bed looks presentable now that I cleaned up all the weeds in the courtyard in front of it. Of the herbs, everything I planted has done well except for the tarragon, and even it has grown a little.



I am riding Lily in her Western saddle. Someone else was using her favorite pad, so I decided to see if I still remembered how to girth up this saddle. Lily was not very cooperative while we tried to take this photo. Usually, she stands quietly, but she started fidgeting as soon as my trainer pointed the camera at us.

Late summer garden


My petunias and alyssum are doing very well. I’ve been surprised at how well the alyssum has grown: the plants were tiny when I bought them.

Summer sky

Summer sky
We have had thunderstorms in the area since about five, but have seen quite of lot of blue sky as well. I have been watching for a rainbow in the east, but the clouds have mostly been too dense to the west.