Rion: A New Look

For two or three weeks starting the week before Thanksgiving Rion had some very scary symptoms, starting with some infected wounds close to his eyes, and including lethargy, high respirations, and refusing to eat. (Oddly, he kept drinking and never became dehydrated. His blood work wasn’t that far off normal, either.) He had six or seven vet visits in that three week period, ending with a thorough follow-up exam when he didn’t react to any of the palpitations and manipulations.

While I was nursing him, I swore that if he survived, I was going to have the groomer do a full clip, because the long hair of his eyebrows and beard really interfered with medicating his eyes and giving him oral drugs. At the last exam, his vet said that I could take him to the groomers.

It is so much easier to administer his medications now.  It’s also easier to clip his nails. I rather like the look, now that I’ve gotten used to it.