Magic Carpet Ride (1982 – 2014)


Magic Carpet Ride

I’ve been boarding Magic (an Anglo – Tennessee Walker cross)  for a friend for years. I originally volunteered to board her in her retirement because she never got hurt and she never got sick. Yesterday morning, she was screaming for her breakfast. This morning, she was showing  signs of colic when I went to give the horses their breakfast. After consulting with her owner and vet, she was euthanized around 10:00 am.  Although her ground manners left a bit to be desired, she was an awesome trail horse, search and rescue horse, and field hunter in her time.

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  1. I believe Magic was foaled in 1982. Her mother would not nurse her, in fact she wouldn’t let Magic anywhere near her, so Magic was hand raised and bottle fed; hence her rather poor sense of personal space!

    She was 32 years old.

  2. She was good horse and Magic and Irish and KayDawn and I rode many happy trails together.

  3. Time is racing by so fast! Almost all of the old horses are gone and the kids have grown up, developed careers, married and have kids of their own now. Feeling very nostalgic and a little bit old!

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