Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

  • Just deleted some g@ming site comment sp@m at my WordPress blog. It is so rare for Akismet not to catch the bad stuff. #
  • Evil mare was pretty civil tonight: mustn't let down my guard. #
  • The mirkiness hanging over the Front Range is mud: dust kicked up by high winds mixed with moisture from the incoming storm. #
  • Enjoying a pleasantly cool, beautiful March morning. #
  • Scalzi writes about male privilege. #
  • Probably anthropomorphizing, but the Sheltie seems a little smug that he has figured out the new dog door and the other two haven't yet. #
  • Just reorganized my #pinterest boards alphabetically. So nice to have the feature. #
  • Watered courtyard beds: saw lots of incipient day lilies. #

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