Lily – Stall Rest


Thursday morning, I went out to feed and found Lily lame on her gory right front.  I gave the horses their concentrate and went back in the house and called the vet, who was here forty minutes later.  The vet was here three hours evaluating, cleaning, medicating and stitching the injury.  I was astonished when I got the bill:  it was less than I expected for that time.  Lily helped by standing like a statue for most of the three hours, so she didn’t require sedation. (Lily did have a local block, of course.)

Lily still isn’t out of the woods.  The injury was a deep v-shaped puncture – laceration in the front between the fetlock and pastern joints.   It  will still be several days before we can be certain those joints have escaped the risk of infection.  (At that point she would require surgery, which we have already decided we would not do as she is a very poor candidate for surgery.) Every morning when I see her standing square, bearing equal weight on both front legs I sigh with relief.  I actually enjoy seeing her stand on the injured leg pawing with the other foot, which normally annoys me.

So far, she seems to be almost enjoying the stall rest.  I hope she continues to do so: the projected three weeks can seem like an eternity when a horse is on stall rest and doesn’t like it. She is getting a little belligerent about her daily dose of bute (a horse pain killer/anti-inflammatory), but I hope I only have to give it to her for two more days. The vet comes back tomorrow to check on her, give her more anti-biotic, and rewrap the leg.

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