First post

Such an undistinguished title. At times, I think that they ought to put such things as titles and subjects on the bottom of the screen, since I never know my subject until I am done.

It was tough choosing a title. However, I google’d Five Acres With a View and it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of conflicts. I also like Flying Changes but there are already some online sites with that name, even though there don’t seem to be any weblogs.

I spent the morning converting some more stuff on my website. I want all the pages to be compliant, and am glad that I already had most of the content separated out from the style. However, there are some things about the way I wrote my template program that are rather awkward, and I am trying to decide if I can design something fairly easy to fix the problem.

I went over to the barn after lunch, taking Dudley, and rode Lily. She was quite extraordinarily good for me. She has better brakes at six than Hap did at fourteen. This is quite reassuring when one is riding at the same time as a bunch of junior riders who are bareback on their ponies.

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